Lindsay Martin is best known for his particularly sensitive and unique violin accompaniment and work as a recording engineer/producer. As an acclaimed career musician he has many strings to his bow and many projects to his name: He’s also a multi-instrumentalist, closet vocalist, trout hunter, hair model and medieval archer. You’re likely to find him mixing tracks and/or something delicious over a fire.

Studio Recording 

Lindsay Martin's studio, known as "The Laundry", is an excellent choice for your next recording. With 40 years experience in the music industry as a performer, recording artist and sound engineer, Lindsay has developed a sound understanding of the requirements for an excellent recording.


Lindsay began learning the classical violin at the age of seven. He was fifteen when he began playing regularly with local bands and has since forged a career from music. Highly regarded in the Australian music scene, he's sought after for his ear for harmony and natural ability to make everyone sound beautiful. Recognised as one of the best accompanists in the country, he is also a well respected musician in his own right.


Tutor and Coach

Lindsay is an outstanding tutor and has also coached well known international artists to improve their artistic performance. His main focus for tutoring is violin, though he coaches performers in many different aspects of performance. Through his work as a producer he has also helped many recording artists reach their full potential in the studio.





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