Hailing from the Riverina of NSW, Lindsay Martin is best known for his particularly sensitive and unique violin accompaniment and work as a recording engineer/producer. He started learning classical violin at the age of seven, and many years later as an acclaimed career musician he has many strings to his bow and many projects to his name.
He has been heralded as an outstanding international performer and has worked closely as an accompanist with many well known local and international artists in live performance and in the studio. Highly regarded in the Australian music scene, he's sought after for his ear for harmony and natural ability to make anyone sound beautiful.
Though recognised as one of the best accompanists in the country, he is also a well respected musician in his own right. Most recently, he’s been developing and performing original material as We Mavericks with partner Victoria Vigenser: Recently nominated “Best Folk Artist 2020” in the NZ Music Awards and recipient of the 2020 Troubadour Foundation Award, they’re known already for uniquely gritty, evocative songs and provide a long-awaited outlet for Lindsay’s trademark swing and masterful musicianship. It’s no surprise that they have seen a steep and fast rise to Australasian festivals and shows, from the cities to the sticks. 
You can find out more at wemavericks.com.au
or via facebook below
Lindsay has performed with
the following artists, in no
particular order:
Wendy Matthews
Alistair Hulett
Annalisa Kerrigan
Barramundi Bros
The Bushwackers
Ciaran Gribbin
Fiddle Festival
Michael Waugh
Furry Animals
Jimmy Gregory
Enda Kenny
Susan O'Neil
Good Girl Song Project
Mike Martin [Strelley Project]
Pete Seeger Show
Settlers Match
Lizard Dust
Steph Miller and The Winter Station 
Christine Wheeler [Henry Lawson tour QLD]
David Beniuk and the Inland Sea
and many many more...



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